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My wishes for Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie)

We're all waiting for the next version of Android and presumably it will contain many new great features as 4.1 and 4.2 only were a small and an even smaller update.

Android is not perfect and will probably never be, but these are the things I would appreciate the most to see in 5.0:

  1. News Hub

    News Hub

    Admit it, you know the problem: You have a weather app, like 1Weather, that constantly displays the actual forecast in the notification pull-down and because of it’s expanded size it pushes all the other notifications off the screen.

    This is not how notifications are supposed to work.

    The Notification pull-down in my opinion should have three panes which the user can swipe through.
    No. 1: News Hub (contains all persistant and informative notifications)
    No. 2: Notifications (like we all know and love them, clean and organized)
    No. 3: Quick Toggles (like in 4.2)

    Oh, and btw: Notifications should be pinnable so that you cannot simply slide them away.

  2. Better File System integration

    Surely there are File Browsers in the Play Store but they're not really integrated into the system. Sure many of them implement themselves into the global Share menu but when using the phone you tend to forget the file system that’s working in the background.

    How would it be if there was a certain folder on the SD card that would be displayed in the Launcher directly?
    You could save all important files there and see them directly.

    Because en empty folder is quite useless, there should be a nicely designed save dialog that can be implemented by every app.
    It's quite stupid when every app saves its files onto it's own folder somewhere on the SD card.

  3. USB Mass Storage emulation

    Newer Nexus devices all have that one partition scheme which is great, no question, but removes the ability to use UMS (USB Mass Storage mode).
    The new protocols are MTP and PTP, but, to be honest, they just suck and I’ve never heard someone saying "Oh awesome! Finally they dropped that awful UMS for that awesome Microsoft-built proprietary MTP!"

    So why doesn't Google just build an UMS emulation? It can't be worse than MTP ;)

  4. Multiple windows

    Samsung introduced the dual window feature some time ago and CyanogenMod also wanted to implement it, but Google didn't want them to.

    I still want dual windows, which could be very useful on tablets (especially on 10" ones).

    Imagine you have been sent a picture of an invoice by a friend and need to type its number into an email.

    Now you have to possibilities:

    1. Open the picture, write the number onto a piece of paper, switch to your email, type it in.
    2. Switch between the picture and email about 1000 times while trying to remember a few more numbers each time.

    Not very convenient, is it?

  5. Revocable permissions

    No question, the permission system of Android is a great idea. You can clearly see what an app is allowed to do, but some apps take permissions you don't want to give them. MIUI has already solved the problem and so should AOSP do.

    Permissions have to be revocable!

  6. Transparent/Colored status bar

    Because black gets boring by time.

  7. SIM-Change Lock

    You lose your phone, someone finds it and wants to put his own SIM card into it.
    There should be an option to set which will then block the phone so it can’t be used anymore until the connected Google account information has been entered.

    This, of course, is still not 100% secure, but maybe it convinces the finder to return the phone, especially if he's not very experienced with computers and stuff.

  8. Quick-Switch Apps

    If I’m switching between apps I normally only do between 2 or 3 of the last used ones.
    Pressing the Multitasking-Button, waiting for the app thumbnails to load and select the app I want just takes too long.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have one unified gesture to switch to the last used app?

  9. WhatsApp & Co. Integration into Messaging App

    Having 5 messaging apps is annoying.

    Having all messages in one unified place would be awesome!

  10. Lag-Free experience

    Please Google, please!!

These are my 10 most wanted features for 5.0 (Key Lime Pie).
Let's some of them turn into reality on I/O13.

written by: Takashi Yoshi
Tags: Key Lime Pie, Android
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