How To: Getting Google Music Manager to work on PowerPC, again!

As we all know, Google hates PowerPC and none of their desktop apps nor most of their plug-ins are still available for PowerPC Macs even though they often support Leopard.

But there are some exceptions where the Product Quality Manager was a bit drunk and made some Universal Binaries available to the public.

The "Google Music Manager" was one of these until Google decided that they should release a new version and break the full PowerPC compatibility leaving you with a build that ran on PowerPC. However, you cannot use the Preference Pane, which actually is the most important part of the whole application.

Just stay with the old version you thought? Nah, Google somehow changed their login procedure (or whatever they've messed with) which leaves you with a neat "error code 5".

But fortunately the Product Quality Manager came to work drunken again and left the build half working which lets us fix the build with a few (more or less) easy steps and upload songs to Google Play Music from our beloved PowerPC's :)

So here we go:

  1. You need two disk images (one with the old version of the Music Manager (1.0.27) and one with the new version (1.0.65)). I've provided them to you and you can download them from here:
  2. After you have them both downloaded you mount "musicmanager_1.0.65.1341.dmg" (the new version)
  3. Drag "Music" to your Applications folder.
  4. Unmount "musicmanager_1.0.65.1341.dmg".
  5. To fix the new build we need the old preference pane which we get from (means you have to mount the image) "musicmanager_1.0.27.206.dmg" (the old version)
  6. "Show Package Contents" of "Music" (from the image you've just mounted) and open Contents/Resources.
  7. "Show Package Contents" of "Music" (from your Applications folder) and open Contents/Resources (now it's important that you don’t confuse both windows as they look pretty similar!)
  8. Copy "MusicManager.prefPane" from the Music Manager you opened from your Applications folder to a temporary location.
  9. Replace "MusicManager.prefPane" (in the new version) by the one you find in the old version.
  10. "Show Package Contents" of the Preference Pane you have just replaced and open Contents/Resources
  11. "Show Package Contents" of the Preference Pane from your temporary location and open Contents/Recources.
  12. Replace the "Music" from the "real" Preference Pane with the one from your temporary location.
  13. Done.

Now you can launch Music Manager and have a full working (as far as I could test it) copy of Google's Music Manager!

written by: Takashi Yoshi
Tags: HowTo, Google Play Music