Android USB-tethering driver for Mac OS X.

HoRNDIS is an RNDIS driver for Mac OS X 10.6 10.4 or higher.



Status: Active.

The Twitter client for the rest of us.

0xTWT is a native, compatible, efficient and free Twitter client for Power Macs.

Website: Source Code:

Status: Active.

Channel Editor for Samsung TV's

If your cable provider also thinks it's funny to change the frequencies every month and you would like to keep the channels in the order you want, a tool like Chan. Ed. f. Sam. TV is what you need.
Chan. Ed. f. Sam. TV allows you to merge your old channel list with the one you obtained by doing a channel search on your TV. You can then import the merged list into your TV again any enjoy all of your channels in the order you want them to be.

Chan. Ed. f. Sam. TV is an abbreviation for "Channel Editor for Samsung TVs". I chose the abbreviation because Samsung themselves cannot display a single message on your TV without using at least one abbreviation.
The result is that you can rarely understand a message at all ;-)

Chan. Ed. f. Sam. TV works with Samsung Smart-TVs series B, C and D, although only C-series is tested by myself.


Status: Beta released. Discontinued.

A simple (yet powerful) blogging system.

EF Blog is what has once started as a project for school. But after it was finished I was quite content with it, so I decided to release the source code.
I've made some changes in my free time and eventually it was so good, that I decided to drop Tumblr and transfer my blog to it.
EF Blog is a simple but powerful blogging system. By using MarkDown, you get great flexibility and many options to format your post while keeping everything simple and easy to use.

Status: Suspended. May be continued.

For all flash-a-holics' desires!

If you're a flash-aholic like me you know the problem: It's been already two weeks since your last full wipe and you need a new ROM, but which one to take?
Normally this means going through the forums watching about 20 threads until you've decided for one, but after the flash you discover that it is not what you wanted.
With RomView this is a thing of the past! Choose your device and get a beautiful list of ROMs available.

Status: Suspended. May be continued.

Modern Blues-Rock aus dem Rheintal.

Maze is a blues-rock band coming from the Rhine Valley in Eastern Switzerland.


Status: Completed in 2005. Redesigned in 2013.

Search it. Play it. Grab it.

Playr is what would be the perfect streaming service for me.
It should be a combination of streaming and downloading service and give artists extensive possibilities of how their work may be used.
It should also implement other services like e.g. SoundCloud and give the user the best of all worlds.
Unfortunately I didn't have time to continue development anymore and no one was there who had time to drive it forward.
I'd love to continue working on it but it's gone over my head and I just don't have enough time, unfortunately.

Status: Discontinued.